We're looking for a Junior Placemaker

Job Opening: Junior Placemaker


Urban Foxes is a Brussels’ based non-profit in the field of placemaking, experimental youth work, sustainability education, participatory urbanism, and the development of non-formal educational tools. We believe strongly in a GLOCAL approach and therefore work both on European projects and local implementation. Since 2012 we have been striving for healthier, inclusive and co-created cities by informing, sensitising and empowering often forgotten stakeholders, using a holistic approach. Started as a volunteer-based organisation, we have taken steps into professional transition. We are looking to expand and enhance our impact without losing sight of our original values: creativity, critical thinking, innovation, inclusion, empowerment, respect and fun. 


For the next two to three years we will be working on a range of projects you could be a part of: 


1) Place for Play: EU project on how to co-create spaces and curricula on playful spaces. 


2) Act Green Story (Digital Green Narratives): EU project on how we can create digital tools to improve information and sensitization of sustainability themes in universities, schools and youth work. 


3) Placemaking for Inclusion: EU project on the co-creation of training courses, tools and workshops on inclusive placemaking. 


4) Academy for Urban Action (AUA): weekly workshop with Brussels' youth (in Dutch) between 15-25 years on urban themes and sustainability education. The youngsters are in the driver's seat of the project, we link the academic and creative world and co-create tools in thematic cycles of 8 weeks/workshops 


5) Two granted EU projects, based on the blueprint of the AUA, together with the cities of Palermo and Oslo. A collaboration on urban pedagogy and sustainability education. Exchanging tools and know-how, als by creating moments of exchange between the different cities and their youngsters.


6) Develop a network of like minded organisations through the creation of new projects. Write EU and local tenders and maintain and create (new) partnerships and coalitions. 


Who are you?


You are a creative, flexible and resilient dreamer with the right mix of ambition and ethical values, and you are also a very hungry fox cub. Hungry for (personal) growth and creating impact and change. You believe in the transformation of our cities through non-formal education and co-creation, and are passionate about aforementioned topics. You are comfortable experimenting and you are definitely a teamplayer. This is more than just a job for you, you feel like contributing to the quality and growth of this organisation in order to have an even bigger impact on our cities and society. You have a good knowledge of a wide range of urban and sustainability themes, either through experience or education. 


You are creative and come up with innovative solutions and relevant project proposals. You know (or are open to learn) how to formulate them and write project applications. Subsequently, you are able to design engaging, impactful, fun activities and workshops for youngsters, teachers, policy makers and youth workers.   


You are a keen traveller and you are willing to depart on regular work trips abroad, dealing with EU kick-off meetings, transnational meetings, workshops and training courses. 


You possess an (almost) perfect English skill set, both oral and written, and you are able to switch register and interact with colleagues, stakeholders and partners. Aside from that you’re also able to connect with youngsters and policy makers. 


You can create social media posts and have decent visual design skills. 


You feel you are able to develop and (co-) lead workshops on urban pedagogy, placemaking and sustainability education. 


Apart from English you ideally also speak either Dutch or French in order to collaborate on local projects. 


Ideally you’re based in Brussels or you are open to relocate or make regular trips to Brussels. Working partly remote can definitely be discussed. You’re open to occasional weekend work due to trips abroad and local events. 


Important note: We only consider applications containing a relevant motivational letter. 


What do we offer?


We offer an exciting part time contract (50% for now) for 6 months. A job full of creativity, possibilities for growth, and a healthy dose of freedom. This temporary contract can be renewed, extended and expanded.


An unique opportunity to work on the cross section of urbanism, sustainability education, EU projects an action research, 


A private workspace in the heart of the European Capital, with two amazing gardens, and a vibrant community of neighbours and partners.


A team of experienced colleagues and partners to facilitate you on your professional quest and coach you to instigate projects of your own. 


We offer the perfect professional opportunity for people bitten by wanderlust. You will go on regular international worktrips and discover new cities and collaborate with amazing partners such as universities, NGOs and policy makers.


A salary for a part time job (50%) according to the salary scales of the Belgian socio-cultural secor (B1a van PC 329.01). Your yearly gross salary will range between 18.000-21.000 euros. Previous work experience can be taken into account. We are also open to discuss freelance opportunities. 


Extra legal benefits, such as bicycle allowance and/or the refund of work-related travel with public transport.

We embrace and welcome diversity to our workplace and team.

Send your relevant motivational letter and resume to


Selection process:


Start application procedure: 14/02/2022


Deadline application: 28/02/2022


First interviews: 04/03/2022


Final interviews, case study assignments and selection: 10/03/2022


Start of the contract: March-April 2022