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Work with us! 

Urban Foxes is always receptive for collaboration proposals and we are welcoming new proactive members and volunteers to join our collective, helping us grow and increase our impact, thereby creating a win-win situation.


Urban Foxes is a Brussels’ based non-profit in the field of placemaking, experimental youth work, sustainability education, participatory urbanism, and the development of non-formal educational tools. We believe strongly in a GLOCAL approach and therefore work both on European and local projects. Since 2013 we have been striving for healthier, inclusive and co-created cities by informing, sensitising and empowering often forgotten stakeholders, using a holistic approach. Started as a volunteer-based organisation, we have taken steps into professional transition. We are looking to expand and enhance our impact without losing sight of our original values: creativity, critical thinking, innovation, inclusion, empowerment, respect and fun. 

We embrace and welcome diversity to our team. 


You can contact us uisng the contact page or by mailing us on

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