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Our projects range from hyper-local to international. From tactile to educational, hardware to software and as instigators, partners or facilitators. 


Urban Foxes is a multi-disciplinary placemaking collective based in Brussels, with team members all over the world, creating and facilitating innovative & inclusive projects, workshops and giving lectures in different countries. Our aim is to improve urban health and wellbeing, focussing on the inclusion of neglected stakeholders, with an emphasis on free access, use and creation of high-quality public spaces and social interaction. Throughout our quest we have created a team of expert Placemakers with a wide range of skills such as Urban Pedagogy, Civic Design, Tactile Urbanism, Co-Creation & Participation and the development of non-formal educational methods. We can facilitate projects or conduct lectures in Dutch, French, English, Farsi, Greek, Spanish, Portugese and Italian. 




Our team is the perfect mix of brains, heart, expertise and creativity. From urbanists to social designers, from creative consultants and placemakers to urban youth workers and experts in the field of urban pedagogy. Always with the ethical framework of inclusive placemaking. 



& Employers

Since 2012 we have had the privilige to be supported by and collaborate with a wide range of amazing partners. We are thankful to have contributed, with our placemaking services, workshops and lectures, to the dynamics of local and international organizations and cities. Always striving to co-create inclusive and livable places.

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